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Chibi Usa's Crystal Palace

Major Remodelment Underway!!!

Hey all! I'm Chibi Usa! This is my site! I live in KaLi, and I am SO into Zelda64! It's the BEST GAME! But I'm not a totally obsessed weirdo or anything, just I really like the game! Sailor Moon happens to be my newest obsession!!

Anywayz, my site is gonna be great, but I DO need some time to work on it! Actually, at this very moment, I am completely redoing my site! I am making frames, adding great new Sailor Senshi Manga Pics, along with my bio pages. My Zelda areas are also becoming larger! This may take awhile, I mean great pages do not get made overnight ya know!

Well, that's about it! No, wait, I have a guestbook!!! Yay!!! So sign my gbook and leave as many of your wonderful comments as you want! I also have quizes for you to take! Play a song! Here is one for now:

Crystal Palace Poll
Who is your fav. Female Zelda Character?


Ok now im done!! Come back and visit whenever you can, because my page will be the bomb(in a while that is)!!!

Chibi Usa Tsukino


Guess what? I have a chat room! Go to it!