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CONTESTS: Not to Mention Kewl Prizes

Rules to Contests

Every month(or six months, tee hee), I will have a contest for you to enter!


1st prize is an animated pic to put on your page, and I will put your entry on my page, depending on the contest. Or, of course, you would want a zelda pic. I will even make you a collage if you want.
2nd prize is a pic to put on your page or print out! I will put your entry on my page too. Just tell me what you want a pic of, I can find it! I have TONS of Sailormoon pics, manga and not that I haven't put on my page.


ALRIGHT, the moment you've all been waiting for:

This months contest is:

TEE HEE!!!! OK, as you know, I, Chibi Usa, love ZELDA!!! So, do you have a picture that could be made to look funny? Even a Sailor Moon picture? Edit it to make it into a joke. The one that makes me laugh the hardest wins. Quality, of course counts, unless it is part of the joke! Good Luck everyone! I won't annouce a winner until I have at least 5 entrants. Heheheh....

We have an entrant!!! It's Holli and Polly(also known as Malon and Saria). Here is there sequence so far that they have worked on:

Ohh! Watch out Link!

I told you he would save Zelda, he does luv her!!! Zelda rocks!! Ho YAH!

-Chibi Usa (or is it Koume!)