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Wilde EVolutions Lightning Rod II

The World's First Electric Street Rod

Vehicle Specifications


Frame/manufacturer           1929 Ford/ The Rod Factory, Phoenix

Modifications                      Boxed, raised and narrowed rear, custom mounts for motor,                                                          transmission, and battery boxes

Rear end/ratio                     Ford 9” positraction / 2.75:1

Rear suspension                  Four link, Aldan coil-over shocks

Front suspension                  Independent, Aldan coil-over shocks

Front brakes                       Wilwood 4-piston disc

Steering                                Rack and Pinion

Steering column                    Ididit tilt

Front wheels                         Weld, 16x8

Rear wheels                         Weld, 17x8

Front tires                            Goodyear GSC, P245/45ZR16

Rear tires                             Goodyear GSC, P255/45ZR17



Motor                                   Advanced D.C. 8” (experimental prototype)

Batteries                               Genesis SP Series, Hawker Energy Products

Configuration                        144 volts in 2 stacks of 12 batteries

                                               (can be increased to 4 stacks for greater range)

Controller                              DCP Raptor 1200, 48-156 Volts, 1200 Amps

Contactor                              Kilovac “Bubba”

Adapter                                 EVCC, Inc

Clutch                                    CenterForce, Midway Industries

Transmission                          Richmond Gear 5-speed



Body style/material                Roadster / fiberglass

Manufacturer                         Poli-form

Modifications                         Hidden hinges, rolled rear pan, ’32 Ford grille shell

                                                & stainless steel insert

Hood                                       3-piece steel by Rootlieb

Paint color                               ’94 Mustang yellow

Painter                                     Desert Rose Auto Body and Paint, Phoenix

Headlights                               King Bee

Taillights                                 Customer, lightening bolt



Gauges                                    Custom made for Wilde Evolutions by West berg Mfg.

Steering wheel                         LeCarra

Seats                                        Slide Engineering

Upholstery by                          Craig’s Custom Upholstery, Phoenix

Color/material                          Teal / leather & tweed

Accessories                             Bi-directional amp-hour integrator, Curtis Instruments

                                                  Tachometer drive/rev limiter, K&W Engineering

                                                  Locking battery cutoff switch, Curtis Instruments

                                                  DC-DC Converter, Todd Engineering