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My Favorite Web Sites

Joseph Palmer If you've read his stuff, nothing more need be said.

Stories by G. L. Sandborn Featuring the 'Nabiki New Horizons'series

Ranma goes to War: A story set in a fictional Second Korean War. Followed by Chasing the Wind. Two VERY well thought out stories and among my personal favorites.

Anipike: A collection of quite a few Ranma and other Anime sites!

The R&C Books Fan Fiction Archive Network

Anime Haven: This is Donna's site. It covers Ranma as well as quite a few other great Anime titles!!!

Mad Hamlet: An interesting site with excellent stories.

Ranma 1/2: Dynasty A very good piece of work, quite dark.

Ranma 1/2 Library

Ranma 1/2 Library: Same name, different site. If you want Ranma fanfics, THIS is the place to go. Among my very favorites is Ranma vs Predator. Very dark...very cool.

The (SUR)Real World Starring our favorite sex-changing martial-artist! (And also {shudder} Washu-chan!)

How to Draw Manga: From the folks who brought you the book by the same name. You can even order books and stuff from the site.

A useful site for us novice site developers, LOTS of Javascript!

Not a Fan Fic page, but REALLY cute...

Akane Saotome's Home Page

Anime Outlaws: This site has a number of links to other Anime and fan fiction sites. Just remember to come back here when you're done. :)

Ryan Anderson's Fiction Page: A good site with both Ranma and Tenchi Muyo fics! (lemon scented!) No, not related to Anime or Ranma, but hang on to your butt, because you'll laugh it off here!!!

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