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Wu-Tang Shaolin Style

By: SilntH0r0r

This perhaps is one of the most unique fighting games. When THRILL KILL was put on the shelves never to be released, the developer realized that even though this was a violent game, millions were craving it, so they decided not to trash it and continue with it. At the same time, the Wu Tang Clan was thinking of making a martial arts-based fighting game with good kills. From this the company combined the ideas and came up with this game. Although most have labeled this game complete crap, I definitely say it is worth a rent or playing at a friend's house. I think it is a fun game and thought it a good fighting game. Its a story of the Wu Tang Clan's teacher getting kidnapped and murdered for the secrets of the Wu Tang. During the game, you gain "chambers" or secrets that allow you to get new options, secrets, or fatalities throughout the game. Be sure to train and create combos or some of the chambers will become impossible to achieve. Good graphics, some stuff makes ya laugh, good gore, 3-d environments, but a bit tough controls and some fights get VERY frustrating- 8 out of 10 from me, but be sure to ask others.