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Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

By: Ruffry1321

This challenging game delivers 300 training missions similar to those found in Metal Gear Solid. You don't have to be a hardcore gamer Metal Gear commando to play VR Missions, but you kight have to be to stick with it.

Just as in Metal Gear Solid, in Vr Missions you play as Solid Snake. Also like its predecessor, the controls here are top-notch, and feature the same button setup, so vets will feel right at home. The graphics and sounds are also...well, solid, VR Missions looks almost exactly like Metal Gear Solid. The environment have a dark and foreboding atmosphere, and teh character graphics and animations are smooth and nicely detailed. The sounds, however, are spartan and workman like, and not very exciting. VR Missions' four gameplay modes package the training exercises in some interesting ways. Sneaking mode lets you practice the basic Metal Gear movements like crawling and flattening against the wall. Weapon mode enables you to sharpen your aim wiht eight favorite Snake armaments, including the guided Nikita rockets and the FA-MAS automatic rifle. Advanced and Special modes juice the game a little ----- the Special mode offers eight "skill" eventd such as a one-minute shooting drill and a 12-enemy battle; Adanced sets you up in senarious against enemy guards in various landscapes.

VR Missions is a finely crafted game, but unfortunatley there's no story running through the missions, which ultimately makes them a lot less compelling. Metal Gear fanatics will find the training worth their while, but VR Missions doesn't stand up on its own.

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