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Vigilante 8: Second Offense


Vigilante 8: Second Offense is out just in time for Christmas. It is the sequel to Vigilante 8 by Activision. You can play the 1 player or the 2 player game.


This is a blowup or shoot anything in your path type of game. The plot is about future drivers who drive back in time to kill a newlywed couple. If you are getting married this holiday season, watch-out! This game has 18 different drivers, so you can try your hand at the wheel of many different vehicles. The story isn't much of a story, but who cares you get to blow things up and it doesn't cause you any points on your driver's license. It has secret places that will help your gameplay and a new hover-pack that will let you fly your vehicle off of the ground. It has 12 levels to blowup buildings and of course other vehicles off of the road. You can drive through the snow, again or look out your window and see some of NASA.

It has one new weapon, which is a little flame thrower, but at least it's better than no new weapons. Each weapon has four combo attacks. In order to use these combos, you will have to experiment until you get it right. The stages have lots of places to explore and try to make things happen around you, like blowing up almost everything around you. In some stages you can blow almost everything up, but in other stages, you need to protect the structures around you. If you don't want to protect them, then do what I do, blow'em up anyway. It's just a game, right! Who needs mission objectives anyway. If I wanted that, then I would play "Tomorrow Never Dies." I just love to blow things up, while I am driving.


You can use the D-pad or the analog controls, but the D-pad is easier. The controls seem to be better than Twisted Metal. Sometimes the car can just be thrown around like a rag-doll, but the physics of the game are still very good. There is a hoverpod and a hydrofloater which lets your vehicle float and swim, but they can be difficult to control.


The frames are great as you blowup the buildings around you. There is subtle effects around you, like sharks and waves on the beach. It is like going on a nice Sunday drive on the beach, but better because you can cause havoc on and off the road. If you look closely, then you may notice some glitches in the graphics, like driving your car through another car without damage. There is a little better resolution in the game, this time around.


There is a lot of disco music and a little Latin-dance music. The best sounds I enjoyed was not the music, but the explosions around me as I blasted everything in sight. If you can ignore the 1970s music, then you will have a blast playing this game.

Score 8 out of 10