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Tomb Radier 4: The Last Revelation

By: CrowElites

This game is played in Egypt. You don't need an expensive plan ticket to go, either. Lara is in trouble at the Millennium. She must stop the world from being threatened. This game doe not have to load, like the other TR games. It has advanced game engine technology. It is like playing in a movie with cinematic scenes. It has an inventory that allows you to combine items and store them. Would you like to read Lara's diary? I'm sure that we all would. You can and it has her personal stories of her past games. It is a lot like the original TR 1. She has new moves. You will have to solve puzzles in order to complete your objectives. There will be some new enemies who are very precise in detail. This is the best Tomb Raider, yet. It is like going on a Lara Croft vacation, but you forgot the suntan lotion to put on her very hot Egyptian back.