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Tomba! 2

By: CrOwELiTeS

The pink-haired guy is back! Whoopee Camp has made a sequel to Tomba!. They have improved the game in many ways.


Tomba! 2 is better than the first game and has some new features. It almost looks like an original game, instead of a sequel. It has a full polygonal environment with polygonal characters where the original had 2D characters with a 3D environment. Moving into the background is a big part of the gameplay. After you move into the 3D background, then floating arrows will appear above Tomba’s head. The arrow tells when you can enter into a deeper part of the background. As you move further in the game, there will be areas where there are lots of backgrounds can be explored. You can explore parts of the game in a top-down view, so that you can move around more. There are objectives that you need to complete and you will earn adventure points. These points can be used to unlock boxes around the world. One of the new features is a flying squirrel suit that allows you to glide safely to certain areas. Once you find the suit in the snowy area, then you can go back to reach the hard to reach objects. There are magic feathers throughout the levels that will transport you to any area that you have previously visited. There are some of the objectives that may be difficult. You do not have to complete all of them to beat the game.


The 3D improvements to the game makes it better looking than the original. Tomba is bigger and the backgrounds have more depth than the original Tomba! All of the colors
in the game make the graphics stand out and ake notice.


All of the characters have voice actors except Tomba because noone could speak his language. The music is hum drum during the conversations, but you can turn the sound down on your T.V.

Tomba! 2 is better than the original, so go out and buy this one before that pink-haired guy comes to your house!

OVERALL SCORE: 8 out of 10