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Syphon Filter



If you want a great game, look no further. Syphon filter offers everything. Its a mix between Metal Gear Solid, Golden Eye, and maybe a little Tenchu. The great part of this game is the realism. A shot in the head means death. I bet you will have fun blowing your foes out of the sky with sniper rifles. With 3 shooting modes, this game will climb to the top of your favorite.


You are Gabe Logan, a hired Agent, that goes through many missions. Although the concept isn't to good, you'll forget about that! With Great detailed shots and a 9 mm beside him, Gabe Logan is really cool. You just have to do the littlest thing to get a "mission failed." Lion signals you for things, and she gets annoying but someone's gotta keep the story real.

Rolling around and using a taser is really fun. But nothing comes close to a sniper rifle. You can shoot your foes many meters away, and for night vision, a night vision rifle. You go through missions with helicopters, to bombs, to a crazy guy with a flame thrower, and each mission is awesome till the last. You won't be disappointed.


The weapons are amazing, such as the PK-102 and the shot gun, along with the grenade and launchers. The music is great because the talk and have killer sounds. Your menu is fully awesome. A briefing, map, weapons summary, objectives, goals, etc.

Main Plot

You are out there to stop a deadly virus called syphon filter, or for most of the game. You have to kill and do it silently. This is a real exciting plot, but there are problems.


The voices suck, Gabe goes for his name, he walks like a clutch, can't roll for bull, and most of all there's alot of interception.

Graphics: 9

Replay Value: Medium/High

Entertainment: 9




Overall (not average) 9.25

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