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EX3 : The Street Fighter

By: Musashi831

Capcom's first PlayStation2 title is the third installment of Arika's popular Street Fighter EX series, tentatively titled EX3: The Street Fighter. We played the game for a bit at the Tokyo Game Show and it basically felt like Street Fighter EX2, only with tag-team play (a la Capcom's "Versus" series or Tekken Tag Tournament).

There were only six playable characters in the version on display (Skullomania, Chun-Li, Ryu, Blanka, Sharon and Jack), but the select screen had room for at least 20. While the graphics didn't exactly wow us (they moved nicely, but they were rather basic, and the characters looked only like slightly enhanced versions of the ones in Street Fighter EX 2), the gameplay was incredibly fast and responsive. The game was similar to Marvel vs. Capcom in that it was possible to have all four guys fighting on-screen at once during certain special tag moves, which was very cool. One little touch I liked was how, when you switched characters, the departing character disappeared either into the foreground or the background of the screen. Nothing major, but it looked cool.

While the game is only currently planned for release in Japan, we hope to eventually see the game stateside, and will certainly keep you in the know.

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