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Star Wars: Episode One Review

By: Cloudmyl

Star Wars: Episode One the movie was awesome!!!! (Except for Jar Jar Binks.) And now it is on the PlayStation, thanks to LucasArts. But did it match up to the hype from the movie??? NO!!! This could have turned into a beautiful and fun game...but LucasArts made all the wrong moves. Because of the average graphics, the mad-hard gameplay and Jar Jar's voice, the game fails to be a good game. It does have one good feature though: the music and sounds are fantastic.

All I have to say is "ehhhh." Most of the characters blocky although the lightning effects are awesome. Everything besides the lightning effects are average. The scenery and the background are most of the times foggy. And the water in the game just doesn't look like water. I t looks like blobs of blue moving.

Trust me on this one. This game is REALLY, REALLY hard. And the levels are tedious and boring. But the main factor that makes this game so hard is the camera view. There's the sort of topdown view, something that makes you feel like you're walking around looking at your feet all the time. You can never see very far in front of you, and there is nothing on the screen to give you any sense of direction ... something that is especially annoying in the less action-oriented 'adventure' sequences. Speaking of sequences, the fact that key gameplay points are fixed to conversation set-pieces is annoying too. You know you have to find Anakin in Mos Espa, but if you haven't had the right chat with the right person, he doesn't appear. I makes it feel clumsy and makes no sense at all. The game is supposed to be based on the movie, and is supposed to do what happens in the movie. Very weird. Very boring. Very hard. Although deflecting lasers with the lightsaber is cool...

Tsk tsk tsk. Poor control. Jumping from platform to platform is more than a chore; it's very annoying. Falling forces you to loop back through the terrain you already covered. Jumping and jumping and jumping in every level over and over again. And sometimes, the controls don't even respond. Sound:
This is the only good thing about this game. Awesome voices. Voices for Jar Jar and Watto were done by the same actors from the film. Awesome music. Awesome sound effects. Even a copy of the music video is included. Although a little grainy. The sound of the lasers deflecting off your saber is cool, too.

Final Score: 5 of 10