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South Park Rally

By: Kelly12100


This racing game has 30 characters and seven tracks. The weapons used are exploding diarrhea, barf, poop, anal problems, roadkill rodents, underwear burglars, and farting.

Acclaim's latest South Park licensed game is not that good. The tracks are both directions and this can make it challenging.

You can't finish your race once your opponent has won the race. There is an arrow that appears on the screen when you get close to the objective. In the first race, there is a town with streets that lead in circles and you have to explore the streets in order to find your objectives.

The weapons are cool and you get to see small clips of the characters from the show. Barf makes you slip and Mr. Hankey makes you invincible.

Sadam Hussein is in this game and a hooker who leaves her herpes all over your windshield if you hit her. The strategy of the game is simple. All of the vehicles are pretty much the same, So it's not who wins the game, but who has the funniest lines to say in the game.


The graphics are simple like the show. Every character that has been on the show, except Craig is in the game. Many characters have secondary outfits. The graphics are faithful to the show, but it is not as fun as watching the t.v. show.


The sound is not that good with the voices trying to sing and talk throughout the game. The sound samples are badly recorded.

The game doesn't have volume control, so it is difficult to understand the voices. There is a music and SFX volume adjustment, but it is still hard to hear the voices.

Score: 4 out of 10