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The Smurfs


The Smurfs are back on tv. Well, if you have a PSX, then they are on tv, because they have their own PSX game. The Smurfs used to be on Saturday morning cartoons, but not anymore, unless the PSX gamers some how talk the network into bringing it back or you watch it on Cartoon Network.


The Smurfs have two separate games. The first is for preschool through-early elementary age. You get to play as Hefty Smurf in a quest to keep Baby Smurf happy. You run through seven side scrolling levels. You have to collect bottles of milk and toy rattles to use on Baby Smurf. At the Baby Smurf screen, the buttons on the controller will give him a different item. When the item that he wants shows above his head, then you press the correct button, and Baby Smurf will be given that item. A stack of blocks to the side of him shows his happiness, the darker the color, the madder he is. The next part of the game is where you control Hefty Smurf in a side-scrolling action game with 3D graphics, but this time he must save the entire Smurf race from Gargamel. You run and jump through ten levels. You run and jump your way through the levels while collecting candy and crescent moon icons.


The graphics are pretty good. Most of the 3D environments have flat shaded characters and objects on top of fully textured backgrounds. The characters have good animation. The frame rate is bad.


You don't get to hear the Smurfs sing there song, "Fa La La La La La". The character voices are not very clear. This platform game is good enough to rent, but not good enough to buy unless you have a "blue little window and a blue corvette, and everything is blue" for you and your self.