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NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC


NBA Showtime NBA on NBC is alot like NBA Jam. If you like basketball, which most of us do, then you will enjoy showing off your dunks to your Grandpa after Christmas dinner. After you win some games, then you can build your players to be better. Sorry Gramps, I said you had to win some games, first! The free-throws can add a little damper to the game, but hey, it's better than playing outside in the cold winter! Ok, the graphics aren't the best and they didn't reinvent basketball, but it is a good game, just the same.

This is one of those games that came from the arcade to the Playstation.


The gameplay is just a fun game of B-Ball, no hard to learn stuff. You can choos up to 130 different players, including Shaq. There is "of course" the "on fire" gameplay which will help if you are losing. There is a choice of playing a whole season or a single game, but don't try to play the whole season in one night or you might get an injury that could put you on the bench for the rest of the season. If you like trivia and you are good at it then at the end of the game, guess the answer correctly and it will help you to build your own player, bigger and better.


The graphics are nothing to sneaze at, but the loading time is better than most sports games. The rate of the frames is fast. But, the resolution during play is bad. It looks like Grandma's old family films.

Rating: 6 out of 10