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NBA ShootOut 2000



The previous version of ShootOut, NBA ShootOut '98, was considered the most graphically impressive basketball of its time. In fact, some players still consider it to be the best as many of the current crop of basketball games don't really contain graphics that are that much superior to it.

ShootOut 2000 basically follows that same trend. On the whole, it is an improvement of ShootOut '98, but it's not a huge improvement over it. There are a lot of nice player animations and the animations of the rim and backboards are superior to any other basketball videogame on the market. This is one of the few games that seems to have accurate ball physics and it shines through with the movement of the basketball rim and backboard on shots and dunks.

The problem with the animation is that they generally don't flow well together. The dunks, behind the back passes, and signature moves all animate well, but the transition from different moves is almost nonexistent. For example, the transition from dribbling towards the left with your left hand to dribbling towards the right with your right hand just isn't there. There are basically no frames of animation that represent the crossover dribble that takes place. This lack of animations is also apparent with many other transitions in the game.