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Road Rash: Jailbreak


Another Road Rash game with a four-player cooperative mode and a two-way split-screen. It has a new story with you as part of a gang searching to win races and battle others as you try to free your jailbird buddy, Spaz. You can be a police officer and make fun of those guys you hit with your stick. It plays at a good speed and has lots of action.

Road Rash 3D was a flop, but this game is trying to change the Road Rash series into a winner. Road Rash Jailbreak is a motorcycle racer that has beating, clubbing and chain-slaying. It has a two-player mode and a new multiplayer modes, which allows you to play with a buddy and form a cooperative team in a bike with a sidecar. One player drives and can perform some attacks from his side of the vehicle, and the other player is a complete road warrior.

The game has three environments, Urban (city) Alpine (an expert level), and the Desert (long roads)

It has great hard pounding music with each level. The fighting is what this game is all about. It has combinations and super punches with racing and fighting. You can press a series of buttons to attack with quick, successive moves. There are super punches that will knock your opponents off their bikes. You can make two gangs fight against each other and they their own moves and attitudes. Players in the gangs have different rankings, such as grunt, lieutenant and captain.