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Ridge Racer Type 5

By: Musashi831

Namco recently announced its coming Shin Ridge Racer game (working title) for Sony's new system, the PlayStation 2, at the recent Tokyo Game Show in Japan. We have shots of the game and saw it in action at the show, although we don't have many details at this point.

While not shown in playable form, the video gave us a few glimpses at what gameplay and replays, will look like.

Simply put, the car models are excellent and super detailed (and all the models from previous RR games are there). And this detail does not come at the expense of the detail found in the environments you race. You could see cars race around entire environments in replay with the camera moving to keep up (as if mounted on a helicopter) and watch the buildings in the distance getting closer. There was even a point where the cars turned a corner, driving basically around a building. The trees are spectacular - they look almost as if a single leaf could fall at any time.

Also noticeable were sparks underneath cars as they landed after jumps. The sense of speed is pretty realistic, too.

This new Ridge Racer game is expected to be available at the launch of the PlayStation2 or shortly thereafter and we'll have plenty more on the game before that date.

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