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PS2 News And Info

PSX and PS2 Memory Cards Just Don't Mix
The PS2 console is able to play the PSX games, but to save your old games onto a memory card, you have to have your old 1MB memory cards. You can't save your old game's onto the new 8mb cards, and visa versa.

Summoner Team Tackles PS2
THQ has updated their Summoner page with a bunch of new info, the most intriquing being PS2 programmer James Hague's storytelling of his experience with the PS2 dev kits, and the eventual evolution of them into today's TOOL kits. According to James, the coding, while rocky at first, has now become quite smooth. Sure there are still hiccups, but the teams seems enjoy discovering new thing about the system. Here's a small excerpt from the site's developer diary: But now we're in the beginning of a golden age of PS2 development. I've got the inner workings of the graphics synthesizer down pat. The mysterious vector units aren't so bizarre seeming any more, and neither are the never-mentioned "interface units" which act like mini-processors (bringing the processor count of the Emotion Engine up to five, if you really want to stretch the truth as much as possible). Every week brings new cries of "Now I've figured out how to really make the PS2 fly," but we have a long way to go before we get anywhere near the theoretical limits of performance. I think that's the Zen of the PS2 in a nutshell: the more work you put into it, the more results you get out. That's much different than working on the PC, where you just say "Hmmm... you know, I could probably keep pounding on this renderer and get X percent improvement, but then I can't guarantee that it will work with all drivers and, aw, who cares because by the time we ship everyone is going to have to faster video cards anyway." On the PS2, we just keep thinking, and rewriting, and watching everything get faster and faster...

Okay, so that was a LONG paragraph. And yes, that was one big paragraph, we didn't group anything together. We'll keep you posted on more Summoner news as it breaks, and expect a full preview of the game in the next couple of weeks.

PS2 Recall Off To Slow Start
Not surprisingly, Sony's recall of "defective" PlayStation 2 memory cards is proving to be a difficult task. According to a report on the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, in three days after the beginning of the recall on April 1, the company sent out more than 1,000 memory cards containing replacement software for the system. Not bad, until you note that the recall covers 1.25 million consoles. They've got a ways to go yet. Since the revelation that foreign DVD movies could be played on the PS2 (due to a bug in the system's movie-playing software, which is stored on the packed-in memory card), Sony has been in a bit of hot water. Like PlayStation games, and for the same reasons, DVD movies can only be played on players from their own part of the world -- American movies run on American players, Japanese movies run on Japanese players, and so forth. Agreements between movie studios and DVD hardware manufacturers require this, in order to enforce international licensing restrictions. Sony has had to initiate the recall in order to make up for their inadvertent violation of those agreements.

The "defect," however, is a boon to movie buffs, and so they aren't liable to be very interested in participating in the recall. Between that and the simple volume of consoles involved, it isn't likely that Sony's effort to stamp out the bug will ever be completely successful.

PS2 Bemani: The Second Wave
Thanks to the seemingly inexhaustible demand for music action games in Japan (and also, no doubt, the easy portability of the titles in question), Sony's PlayStation2 console will soon host a full complement of Konami's Bemani games. DrumMania is already available for the system, along with the wonderful Konami drum peripheral, and it will soon be followed by PS2 versions of DrumMania 2nd Mix, Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix, KeyboardMania, and BeatMania II DX 3rd Style. No PS2-exclusive Dance Dance Revolution games have been announced as yet, but Konami says we can expect further titles in the future. While no release dates have yet been announced, there's good news in the form of the PS2's backward peripheral compatibility, which will presumably allow you to use PlayStation Bemani peripherals with the PS2 sequels. The Guitar Freaks guitar and the BeatMania DJ console won't gather any dust in the next generation of consoles.

More Info on PS2 Glitch

According to Sony Computer Entertainment President Ken Kutaragi, the glitch that prevents the PlayStation 2 from playing certain PSX games will only affect a few more than ten titles, total.

Considering there are over 1000 PSX games on the market, chances are that those ten or so games won't be in your PSX library. Sony will release a complete list of the incompatible games on February 18.

The Nintendo fort should, right about now, collectively begin crying.

According to Bloomberg, Sony is still fairly sure that the PS2 will kick the asses of every other console ever made. They're expecting to sell 500,000 units per month, at last estimate.

Drummin' The Beat...

Currently set for a release on the PS2 in Japan, DrumMania, is the newest in a long line of popular music sims from Konami. DrumMania will have exclusive play modes for the PS2 that is not seen in Japanese Arcades. DrumMania will be produced on CD-ROM format.

The game and the DrumPad controller will sell for about 14,400 yen.

PlayStation2 Dev Kit Unleashed!

Metrowerks announced today the availability of CodeWarrior for PlayStation 2, the first integrated development environment for game developers on the PlayStation 2 platform.

So what is the CodeWarrior? Well without sounding too 'high-tech,' the CodeWarrior is a PlayStation 2 development environment that features an easy-to-use graphical user interface, a project manager for configuring and managing multiple build configurations, and a debugger that provides the ability to evaluate structures and complex expressions quickly and easily. With its optimizing C/C++ compilers, CodeWarrior for PlayStation 2 also speeds code generation, shortening time to market. Confused yet?

"Our support for PlayStation 2, in addition to our road map for continuing development, establishes Metrowerks' commitment to long-term support of games development," said David Perkins, President and CEO of Metrowerks. "We're very pleased with the quality of the tools, and we expect game developers to be pleased as well. More than 30 game development companies have expressed their commitment to CodeWarrior for PlayStation 2."

One of the thirty companies that's committed to the CodeWarrior is Acclaim. "CodeWarrior is our tool of choice, so we're very pleased that the first IDE shipping for PlayStation 2 is CodeWarrior," said D. Michael Traub, manager of the Tools and Technology Department at Acclaim Studios, Austin. "Acclaim's product strategy is to create high-quality products which target a wide variety of audiences, and CodeWarrior provides the tools to help us do that."

PS2 Not Backword Compatable!

On Bloomberg TV, Sony stated that the PS2 isn't backword compatable with all PSX games. Kenichi Fukunaga stated, "Some old software may not work for PlayStation 2." Kenichi Fukunaga is a director for SCEI. Fukunaga also guessed at an explanation. He said, "Maybe the games weren't made up to Sony's standards".

Although most of the titles are compatable, it just may be safe to keep that old PSX incase you want to go Retro.

Spy Hunter

Midway has announced that Spy Hunter will be headed to the PlayStation 2 game console. They hope to get the game out in time for US launch.

I am Batman!

Ubi Soft has some major plans for future titles based on the Batman license. The company currently has two lines of games in the works - one based on the Batman animated series, and one likely based on the Batman The Dark Night returns line. Both titles are currently headed for the PlayStation2 and could likely end up on others platforms, such as the Dreamcast or the Dolphin as well.


Digicube, a Square subsidiary in charge of hardware and software sales to Japanese convenient stores, has announced that it will be selling the Sony PlayStation2 hardware on its launch date, March 4. The company will ship 100,000 PS2 units to Japanese reatail stores nationwide, which is 10% of the total units shipped at launch.

Tecmo on PS2 finally!

PSnet has found out that Tecmo has Tecmo Bowl in the works for PS2. It was also revealed by Tecmo that the PlayStation2 incarnation of Ninja Gaiden will likely make an appearance at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Ninja Gaiden is slated to release in time for the PlayStation2's US launch.

Another Game

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that it will be releasing IQ Remix + for the Sony PlayStation2 this March in Japan. The format will be CD-ROM and will be sold at a price of 5800yen (about US$55). Little of the game has been shown yet.

New PS2 game

SCI Entertainment announced today that its Thunderbirds license is now a go for the PlayStation 2. Jane Cavanagh, Chief Executive of SCi, said, "Thunderbirds is a classic among licensed properties, an icon brand with mass appeal and proven success. It is an enduring concept already straddling almost three entire generations. With such press coverage and brand equity, it rapidly became apparent to all concerned that the title would be ideal for the power of the PlayStation 2".

Titanium Angels is also another game headed for PS2

More Delays??

Japan's PS2 launch will see a delayed late March release for Street Fighter EX3 and Evergrace in addition to TTT. This will hurt the PS2's launch somewhat, but expect Sony or another big-name developer to surprise us at PlayStation Festival 2000 when they unveil a few new launch titles for Japan.

New PS2 game

Artdink on Wednesday announced its second title for the Sony PlayStation2. Called Buchigire Kongou an action/fighting game, it allows you to control construction workers driving bulldozers, which you use to fight opponents with.

Controllers able to use....

Today Namco released info on the controllers that will be able to be used with their upcoming game Ridge Racer V. They include Dual Shock, Dual Shock 2, JogCon, and the NegiCon controllers.

TTT Delayed

Hot news...Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament is being delayed until March 30 in Japan for PlayStation2. Namco refuses to tell why, but says Ridge Racer 5 will be hitting shelves on March 4.

SSX has a name

The game EA Square announced is now learned that it is a snowbaording game called Super Snowboard Cross. The game is scheduled to be at the PS 2000 Festival on Feb 18.

Ready 2 Rumble on PS2!

PS2 Net has learned that Midway is currently preparing a follow-up to its popular Ready 2 Rumble for Sony's PlayStation2. The game is slated to release in time for the console's US launch this fall. The title will probably be land on other platforms such as Dreamcast.

PS2 Game Pricing

Sony Computer Entertainment(SCE)is planning on using an open-price system for PlayStation2 software. This means that the publishers of the game dont set the price of the game,it will actually be set by the retail stores ultimatly.

This will not be availible to all games; there are still some publishers that will still impliment their own prices.

New PS2 launch title!

PSNet has learned that Sony Computer Entertainment's puzzle game for the PlayStation2, Fantavision, has now been announced as a Japanese launch title. It will be on display at the PlayStation Festivival in Japan in February.

Stepping Stage Getting Ported

Today, Jaleco has announced that it is porting Stepping Stage 1, and 2 to PS2. The game will be released on the historical March 4th, 2000 date. (Well maybe not as historicial to us in America)

Stepping Stage will also have news songs, and a new type of ranking system. It will also have a new mode called "The Music Reflection Inspection Mode".(Supposebly a mirror mode)

Also during the historic day(For the Japanesse) a controller made for this game will be released. (It's called "Stepping Stage Mat")

Exact pricing, and detials are unknown.

Square baseball title?
It seems like Square is more than just an RPG company now. the game has tentatively been dubbed 'PlaySpace Professional Baseball.' The game is said to be near completion, although won't be available at launch. Rather, Square reportedly plans to release the game towards the end of March on CD-ROM format. Little is actually known about the game either than it's said to feature approximately 11 different stadiums, and play by play from professional Japanese commentators.

New PS2 Title Launch

Jaleco has confirmed plans to release a PlayStation2 title at launch in Japan. It is said to be a sequel to the game 'Stepping Stage' a dancing series, it is a cd-rom game and will be available 3/4/00.

Sony turns up the heat for PS2 festival

Put on your extra pair of undies because Sony is starting to turn up the fire on its highly anticipated PlayStation Festival on February 18, with print ads in the Japanese press.

For those who don't know, the ads state that over 500 PS2 units will be availble for public use. Sony has also stated that "Several new software titles will be announced for the first time at the events stage". Those who attend the festival will also be treated to a DVD movie area with 250" and 150" screens.

1st Place Winner!

Winner of the Microprocessor report's "best embedded processor" award is the Emotion Engine. Developed by Sony and Toshiba, the awards ceremony is scheduled on Jan 27 at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, Cali.

New news on the Square Millennium Event

Scheduled to take place in Japan Square's Millennium event will present a presentation from Mr. Hironobu Sagaguchi, the Executive Vice President of Square Co., Ltd. He is supposed to outline Square's developmental plans for the Psx and Psx2. When he finishes his presentation playable versions of upcoming titles will be unveiled.

Raven Software And PlayStation 2 Development

Kenn Hoekstra Of Raven Software made the following update to his .plan file:

Tuesday, January 11th, 2000 - As our esteemed President Brian Raffel announced yesterday, we are, indeed, working on a PSX2 title. We have the development machines in hand (three in fact) but keep in mind that this project is in the wee, early stages. 90% or more of the company's efforts are going into finishing Soldier of Fortune and Voyager: Elite Force. The PSX2 project is in its infancy and really only a three or four man team at this point.

Our early efforts are being strictly focused on the technology side because there is quite a learning curve there. Jake Simpson, Pat Lipo and Gil Gribb are looking into the tech and getting up to speed on how to work with it. We are coordinating our efforts with Activision as well in an attempt to create a general knowledge pool that can be used by our console dev teams and their console dev teams simultaneously. They scratch our back and we scratch theirs (as the saying goes) as we all branch out in this new direction.

As far as the actual GAME part of it, we're merely brainstorming new ideas and working in the pre-planning stages. We have several ideas on the table and there are multiple directions we can go...

Sony To Produce Large Capacity Memory Sticks

According to BizTech, Sony will begin to manufacture large capacity memory sticks, that may be used in conjunction with PlayStation 2. According to the article, the first variety will be 128MB, but a later version will be able to hold 256MBs of data. It also appears that Sony is considering a memory stick that has a 1GIG capacity, and that these may be used to store additional animation, or music.

GT2000 Movie on GT2

If you have Gran Turismo 2 for PlayStation, you have an early chance to see the PlayStation2 in action!! That's right, the Arcade Disc intro that appears to be CG is actually PS2 Footage!! Just pop in the Arcade Disc, wait, wait, and wait, and finally you'll be watching GT2000 on PS2, without having to wait til PS2 actually launches!! The footage contains amazing graphics and cool effects such as lens flare, reflections, tire smoke, bouncing shocks, and heat, huh?!


PS2 US Date and Price?

Not quite, but is taking preorders on the PSX2, with a listed date and price. The date is September 30, 2000 for $399. Don't worry about the price though, because according to IGN, Gamestop is quoted as saying:

"They haven't given us a date, but we had to list a date for the system to post the pre-order information," said a service representative from "I don't know why we listed that date. This is the nearest kind of date we could get. But it may change, its not set in stone. Sony hasn't told us anything."

Also according to IGN, Sony is quoted as saying:

"We have not made any official announcements yet. But we're glad people are excited about it. That's excellent."

So it looks like we don't know the US date and price, but Sony has stated that we will come this E3, in May! Until then, you can preorder the system now at!

Thanks to PSX.IGN for the info.

Sony may push back PlayStation2 successor launch

TOKYO--Sony may have to push back the launch of the successor to its PlayStation game console into next year, widening the headstart of rival Sega whose latest Dreamcast machine hits the U.S. market tomorrow, analysts say.

They said Sony and semiconductor partner Toshiba are working on trying to churn out super-fast chips for the new video game system, which is expected to have 200 times the graphics power of Sony's current PlayStation and 20 times the power of Sega's Dreamcast.

"The production of new chips is a challenge for Sony, which is inexperienced in graphic chips," said Takashi Mimura, analyst at Societe Generale. "In either case, I'd say Sony's target of selling 2 million new PlayStations by the end of next March is ambitious. Sales won't reach even half of that."

Analysts expect Sony to either put off the early December launch to late January or March or go ahead with a small volume, supplying the market with about 200,000 to 300,000 PlayStations.

Sony, which announced the machine in March, plans to disclose details on pricing, availability, software titles, and the name of the new system, now referred to as PlayStation II, before a big Tokyo gaming show on September 13.

Analysts expect the new machine to retail for around $360, with the price dropping to around $225 in the autumn.

The market is closely watching the launch date to predict the future course of the videogame war.

Masahiro Ono, analyst at Warburg Dillon Read, said the best scenario for Sony is to release 1 million new PlayStations in early December.

"The market won't be elated if Sony says it will sell 500,000 units in late January," Ono said.

Sony will be the second company to enter the speedy 128-bit game machine era, following Sega Enterprise's Dreamcast due to hit the U.S. market tomorrow.

Nintendo plans to sell its new-generation machine, dubbed the "Dolphin," in time for the 2000 Christmas shopping season.

Sony's forthcoming machine has drawn the keenest attention from programmers and artists who have seen prototypes.

They expect the new game's main chip and special graphic chip to allow much more life-like image quality.

The new system will also be "backwards compatible," so that all current Sony games will be able to run on it.

Analysts said Sony's possible delay would temporarily bolster Sega, which is plotting a comeback with Dreamcast, the first game console capable of logging on to the Internet after its last video game system, the Sega Saturn, flopped.

Still, most expect top-ranked Sony and No. 2 ranked Nintendo will eventually fight a two-way race in the 128-bit field.

Analysts believe Sony will stay on top, but see room for Nintendo to gain market share by selling a large array of cheaper, easy-to-develop software.

"There is no reason to expect Nintendo will lose ground," said Takashi Oya, analyst at Deutsche Securities.

Nintendo has never launched its video game systems on schedule and Oya expects Dolphin's launch to be delayed by about six months, to around mid-2001.

Nintendo has allied with the world's biggest consumer electronics maker, Matsushita Electric Industrial, which will manufacture the console using its digital video disc technology.

Sony expects its profits to decline in the current business year partly due to a slowdown in sales of the original PlayStation console, which generates nearly 40 percent of Sony's consolidated operating profits.

Analysts expect that a boost in earnings from the debut of the PlayStation II won't be felt until the summer of 2000.

Is the PlayStation 2 Capable of Anything?

As stated on FGN Online, Namco producer Saida-san said that the PlayStation 2 is capable of anything. The only current problem with PS2 software development is lack of time to produce games ready for the launch of the console during March in Japan.

Ridge Racer 5 Series Director Saida-san and Tekken Tag Tournament programmers Mizushima-san and Harima-san have been observing the PlayStation 2's graphics and have noticed huge improvements over all of the other systems. One example is the shadows of the characters in Tekken Tag Tournament. Plus how realistic the skin texture looks, it is simply amazing.

Other noticeable features are how great the cars look in Ridge Racer 5. Some of the screenshots and movies are so outstanding that you will find your jaw hitting the floor. Sure the PlayStation 2 software looks great now but can you imagine how great it will look in two or three years? Probably good enough to confuse real people with slick 3D graphics.

High Heat Baseball Returns to the PlayStation

According to FGN Online, Mark Dickenson said that, "There will definitely be a High Heat Baseball 2001 and 2002 for both PC and PlayStation. 3DO is very committed to the High Heat brand and we foresee making baseball games for a very long time."

Since the PC version turned out much better than its PlayStation conversation, 3DO is spending extra time on High Heat Baseball 2000's graphics and gameplay. Along with authentic Major League Baseball stadiums, real MLB players and teams there will be full team stats from the beginning to the present.

As more information is revealed about the High Heat Baseball series you can be sure to find it here at, the world's leading source for PlayStation and PlayStation2 news.

Be Careful What You Say to PlayStation2

Sony's R&D department are looking into making voice recognition possible on the PS2. This could and will be a big success, and finally we can talk to the opponent instead of pushing X for "yes". Also maybe when you curse at your system for your mistakes it will automatically cut off without saving your game!

Tekken Tag Team & Gran Turismo 2000

Two of the most anticipated games on the PS2 launch roster are TTT, and GT2000. With their superb graphics and solid fan-base you would think these two games would be chock full of the best! Well listen here kids, this is the "Attention Grabber", and we have been salivating over two beautiful half-assed games!

TTT is just a terrific looking arcade improved port that is a testing phase for Namco. What do I mean, well the background in TTT that put Soul Caliber to shame are sub-par to TT4. The backgrounds in TT4 though we know completely jack-shit about them are rumored to put TTT to shame! My guess is an Ergheiz, Tekken game. A good example would be the intro FMV to T3, where characters are being kicked through windows and what not.

GT2000 has a slightly different case. GT2000 is an upgrade to GT2. It will feature a few more cars, and of course PS2 quality graphics but that's about it. The FULL sequel isn't due for about 2 more years! What is PolyPhony hiding from us?

If either one of these rumors holds true then we will have a wet-dreamathon!

Thanks to the guys at PSM we have some great and informative PS2 news!

Syphon Filter Sequel

Thanks to FGN Online we have been notified that Syphon Filter 2 will be heading over to the United States sometime during April 2000. Because of the short development time, GameSpot suggests that Syphon Filter 2 will most likely use the same graphics engine. However there hasn't been any word on Syphon Filter 2's story or gameplay.

Online Help From Third Party For PS2

As many of us are dissapointed that the PS2 will not be shipping with a modem, this opens up a spot for thirdy party developers to create a device that will allow this. That is exactly what Digital Interent Solutions and Klipsch plan on doing.

Digital Interenet Solutions company Themsescapes Incorporated has worked out a deal with Klipsch, LLC, (a leading audio technologies company) to create currently is a real-time PC gaming competition that is currently featuring Star Wars: Episode I Racer. Even though its only having PC as of right now, Digital and Klipsch have other plans.. that just so happen to involve plans to support the PS2 online.

Themescapes is currently developing an interface software and propriertary product that will bring gamers using either a Mac, PS2, or a Nintendo platform to compete in online gaming events.

"The goal is to create a common interactive interface, making live, online tournaments between gamers using any platform a reality," said Philip Cacayorin, president and CEO of Themescapes.

New Controller Pad and Memory Card for PS2

A new control pad, dubbed the DualShock 2, and a new 8MB memory card will come packed with the ps2, along with a demo disk features several launch games. The DualShock 2, visually is completely identical to the original. The difference is that now EVERY button is analog, with the exceptions of the Select and Start buttons. The storage capacity of the new Memory Card is--can you believe it--64 times that of the original, so you'll be able to create whole worlds and download new characters and missions with no problem. Another impressive features of the new card is that its data transfer rate is 250 times faster than before--that means that saving your game will be nearly instantaneous! the DualShock 2 and the 8MB Memory Card will each retail for $28.00.

Speaking of peripherals, Sony has a Playstations 2 Multi-Tap is in the works as well, for multiplayer games.

Report By: RYAN (Pinoy4Real16)

Look Out Driver Fans, Driver 3 Is Driving Toward PS2

A couple of days ago, several sources reported that Driver 3 is under development for the PS2. Reflections has been planning this game for some time and told Gaming-Age this:

"We could expect to see elements that appeared in Grand Theft Auto 2"

And yes, Driver 2 is under development for the PlayStation and will be released sometime around the third quarter of next year.

Updates follow as more news comes out.

Sony To Ship LCD TV For PS and PS2

Sony has announced that they will be shipping a 15-inch LCD TV, that has been designed for PlayStation and PlayStation 2, from Japan.

The TV comes with: AV, VGA output, Memory Stick Port, and PlayStation ports. The TV should also be giving the highest-quality picture possible for console systems.

The price is around 150,000 yen, which is about $1,440 US and will be shipping next spring.

If you would like to read more about news about PS2, click hereand check out ANT Tifa L's very cool PS2 News Page. It has music, animations, and all the news on PS2 you ever wanted.

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