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Information About Playstation2

Product: PlayStation2
Price: Japan gets it for a paltry 39,800 yen ($400). SCEA has yet to determine a price for the US, but the price will be much lower than Japan's.
Available: Those lucky people in Japan can purchase one on March 4th, 2000. The US launch is currently stated for Fall release next year.
Comes With: Dual Shock 2 Analog Controller, 8MB Memory Card, Demo Disc, AV Multi Cable, AC Power Cord.
Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 3"
Weight: 4lbs. 10 oz.
CPU: 128-bit Emotion Engine 294,912 MHz 32MB Direct RDRAM Memory
Comments: It's fast; really fast. Forget your PC, the PlayStation2 is the most powerful home gaming system ever created. You know how the Dreamcast is thinking? Well, the PlayStation2 already knows.

PlayStation2's Dual Shock 2 Analog Controller

Dimensions: Just About the size of your current PlayStation Dual Shock Controller.
Weight: If it's gained some weight,you can't tell by looking.
Features: All functions and buttons except for "start" and "select" are fully analog. Built-in "Shock" effect. Backwards compatiblewith original Dual Shock Analog Controller.
Comments: Push the accelerator pedal in a car -- the harder you push, the faster you go. That's how analog control works. Every control interface on the pad now reacts to how musch pressure you appply to it.

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