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Mulan Animated Storybook

By: CrowElites

It had to happen. Disney is competing for the money in Playstation sales. They have came up with an animated story book of Mulan for the Playstation console.

This game is for the younger gamers around the ages of 6 - 9. First they came to the PC with their storybooks, but if this sells, then look for more storybooks coming to the Playstation.

It has been hailed as Disney's most exciting Animated StoryBook ever. With more games and activities to spark kids' reading and storytelling skills. Play fun games like "Mahjong" or create your own incredible stories with "The Imperial Storymaker." It's the amazing story of Mulan. If you saw the movie, then you will know that this game is played much like the movie. It is like a book and game mixed together.


The graphics are great! It is like watching the movie, but you can stop the game to go to the bathroom. Disney is known for their animation and this game has lots of animation.


The sound is like watching the videotape of Mulan on your television. There are no surprises, here.

If you are a big brother or big sister, then you might end up playing this game with your younger sibling. Score: 8 out of 10