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MTV Music Generator


Turn your Playstation into a full-fledged electronica music-making studio with this unique tool! Create ambient, drum and bass, techno, house and trance tunes right from your home -- without sound editors, expensive equipment or PC programs. Build your song from beat one, adding as you go along -- you can also sample your own CD's, or chose samples from the over 4500 riffs provided! It even includes a basic video- making mode, that lets you add changing colors and shapes to your music, and a special multi-player jam -- where up to four players can lay down the beats. Get it going on electronic-style and be a musical monster-maker!

MTV Music Generator is an extremely innovative application for the Sony PlayStation. If the idea of creating your own music sounds appealing and you possess an attention span of more than a couple of minutes, then the MTV Music Generator will have you cranking out some surprisingly good sounding music in no time at all.
What you can do with this software is all the more amazing when you consider that the Playstation only has 2 Megs of RAM! Codemasters did an excellent job of packing in so much into MTV Music Generator and yet at the same time, keeping it simple and fun to use.

MTV Music Generator is a lot of fun and recommended if you love music and think you've got it in you to make your own. For everyone else, rent it, call over your amigos, have a party and see what your little old Playstation can do! Either way you'll have fun with the MTV Music Generator.

Rating: 8/10