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Medal of Honor

By: Ant Tifa L

Are you into first person shooters? Great Gameplay? What about Graphics? If this applies to you, then Medal of Honor is DEFINITELY the game for you. Unlike most espionage for the Playstation (Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter, etc., etc.) it offers multiplayer! Gameplay:

As a new member of the Office of Strategic Services, your character Jimmy Patterson has been summoned to perform several services. Unlike several games where the objective is to "find the red key before it blows up," Medal of Honor matches everything up to be exactly alike the real W.W.II, including the uniforms! Besides the great storyline, it's first-person gameplay rocks! The enemies (Nazis) you face aren't just there to make the game look cool, they're smart and put up a tough fight. They'll go after you as if possessed (well, as much as a videogame character can be possessed), ambush you, and scramble out of your sights. They're also kind enough to throw back grenades that you've already thrown to them and scare the heck out of you with vicious attack dogs.

Each mission becomes increasingly difficult as you go through over 20 of them! They range from shoot -- your -- target to stealth and disguise missions. I'd tell you more but I'd probably ruin some of the game for you.

It's ALL the real deal here. Playing in this game is like going back in time to the REAL W.W.II. The weapons, uniforms, and missions are authentic. Dreamworks real researched this one!


They nailed this one too. Director Steven Speilberg was one of the "behind-the-scenes" inspirations for this game, and it shows in it's awesome presentation of cinema. MoH also has the best sound effects and voices that really and truly match the real-life sounds you would've heard in W.W.II! As for the music, MOH continues its path of originality. A full orchestra plays the songs created exclusively for the game. The music was composed and produced by Michael Giacchino, who completed 17 songs. My suggestion, if you have surround sound, use it!

MOH is a dark game. And it's not really the prettiest game I've ever seen, either. Many of the missions appear at night. Not only that, but many missions are affected by a draw-in technique that's sketchily clouded by a super dark wave of graphics. Once you can actually see the interiors and landscapes, you'll notice two things: detailed textures and a good amount of pixels in the walls; when you get up close, that is.

There is little to say here except this: go buy it, and go buy it now. You won't be disappointed.