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Marvel VS Capcom


Capcom's newest PlayStation fighter game is a combination of Street Fighter and Marvel superheroes.


It features a lot of the main characters who are in many of the Capcom series. This game is a skill-based fighter that has a bunch of fighting styles and combinations. You can hit your opponent 40 times if you are good. It has a tag team mode, so you can pick a character in cross over and the computer or your opponent chooses another, who then will become your secondary character. You can switch from one character to the other in the middle of the fight. You are limited to choosing one character because of the system's limited RAM. Even though the character choices are limited, the cross over mode is cool. You can pick from Jin, Spider-Man, Hulk, Zangief, Strider Hiryu, Megaman, Ryu, Chun Li, Captain Commando, Captain America, Wolverine, Gambit, War Machine, Venom, and Morrigan as your player. With the Special Heroes and Partner Heroes selections, you can play the role of over twenty extra characters.


Capcom always brings a game good graphics with its anime-style characters. This game is a 2D fighter. The frame rates is slow, but it doesn't get in the way of your fighting.


The music is not very good. The noise that it makes when you are smashing your opponent sounds like your cat just ateyour pet bird. The voices are sometimes great and other times weak.
Save your money and buy this game, so you don't have to put
in tokens at the arcade to play a fighting game.

OVERALL SCORE 7 out of 10