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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete


Created By: Working Designs
Players: 1
Genre: RPG
Score: 10 out of 10 stars

To start this review out, I have to say that Lunar is one of the best RPG's I have ever played. Originally made for the Sega CD, Working Designs have remade Lunar for the Playstation. They improved the graphics, music, and storyline. You play the hero of the game Alex, and travel al over with your friends Luna, and Nall. Nall is a flying cat, and Luna has been Alex's friend since they were kids. The story Is so deep it's amazing. You start out the game going in a cave in search of the Dragon Diamond, a huge diamond found in the white dragon's cave. This game is full of everything: Action, love, betrayal, comedy, and everything else that makes a topnotch RPG. The game has some great Anime work to. It has over an hour of anime cut sequences which gives the characters and the story more depth. The game also includes over an hour of spoken dialogue. The packaging for the game is great too. Along with the 2- disc game, you get the making of Lunar disc, and the soundtrack to the game! That's 4 discs! Also, you get a hard cover artbook/manual, and a cloth map of Lunar! I truly love this game, and think any RPG fan would also. I also heard though that Working Designs is going to cease production of this game on Dec 31 1999. They will stop producing it completely. Also, Working Designs is working on porting the sequel "Lunar: Eternal Blue" onto the Playtsation. So if you want a deep, interesting, and fun RPG to play go get Lunar!