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Craig's PS2 Letters Page

Well here's my new and improved PlayStation 2 Letters Page. I just put my pre-order down on the PS2, and I suggest you do the same, it's no doubt gonna sell like nothing before. It'll even sell better than the hugely succesful DC. Anyway, if you have ANY question about PS, PS2, or life in general, send them to, with the subject "PS2 Letters". Last time I had this page it was a load of bull, but with your help I want to have the best Letters page about PS2.

P.S. Vote for our site!! wrote:
Well ever since the PSX has the DexDrive were you could download game saves off the internet to your PlayStation Memory Cards. Now that the new PS2 is coming out with the net capabillities and all that other wonderful stuff, would it be possible for the PS2 to download game saves off of the net straight to your Memory Card without any add-ons? Well I wanted to know this because I don't wanna waste my money on a DexDrive when I could do the same thing with the PS2. I found a lot of awesome saves I would like to get for my games when the PS2 comes out.

A: Yes, you should be able to download saves with out any extra peripherals, except for the PlayStation2's modem, which should be sold seperately. wrote:
When does PlayStation 2 come out?

A: The PlayStation 2 is coming out on March 4, 2000 in Japan, with around 15 launch titles. Sony has only said Fall 2000 for a U.S. release, but expect it on 9-9-2000, which is 5 years to the day after the original PlayStation's release. wrote:
Can u play regular PSX games on PS2?

A: Yes, you can play regular PlayStation games on your new PlayStation2, with no problems at all. You can also use all your memory cards, controllers, and anything you have on the PlayStation2, except for the peripherals using the I/O port, such as the Gameshark. wrote:
How much will the PS2 cost when it hits US shores? Toys R Us is selling the console for about 400 dollars. Is that how much it will be everywhere else? If you don't really know how much it will be can I have an estimate?

A: When the PS2 hits US shores, expect it to be around $300, although nobody really knows.