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Lego Racers

By: CrowElites

Put your legos to the test! You can build your car and race your friends on the PSX. High Voltage Software has developed a lego racing game for the PSX. The best thing about Lego Racers is the creative cars that you can build. You can choose the color, size, style and placement of every brick on your Lego racer. You start off with a basic chassis with four wheels and a seat but everything else is by your design. Your car will have its own invisible engine at the beginning of the game. The physics of the car will depend on how and where you place your bricks. You can load the weight of the car towards the front or the back. The circuit mode requires players to win races on 12 tracks in the four different Lego worlds: Castle, Pirate, Adventurers and Space. Each world has its own hazards. Clearing certain stages accesses new "pieces" that players can use to customize their cars. The new boosters, wheels and spoilers that you unlock are the same pieces that Rocket Racer, the top boss character in the game, uses on his car. During a race, you can pick up cannons, turbo icons, oil slicks, a grappling hook that slings you ahead of whatever opponent you grab onto. All of these power-ups can then be upgraded as many as three times before you use them, effectively turning them into all new power-ups. There are lots of shortcuts and secret pathways in the game.

Overall Score 7 out 10