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Jet Moto 3

By: Ruffry1321

Jet Moto 3 is the impressive product of a franchise overhaul that included a year in dry-dock and a new developer. It emerges as a scorching racer with only minor bumps in an otherwise smooth ride. JM3 takes full advantage of Dual Shock controller with a bevy of premapped options: You can use both sticks to steer and gear, or adopt the more conventional button smashing for acceleration. The bikes handle nicely though not perfectly, while JM3's head-to-head match works as smoothly as it's solo counterpart. It's a shame however, that you can't race with A.I. competitors.

Graphics 4.0

Jet Moto 3 does away with it's annoying sprites and turbos you into a gorgeous, fuzzy polygonal world. However, the oddly shifting textures are reminiscent of The Haunting, and the frequent clipping sometimes makes for a harsh ride.

Sound 4.0

Roaring bikes, echoing screamns, cool environmental sound effects, and superb scores put Jet Moto 3 in the championship circuit of racing game sound. It's a shame the characters don't quip, though...where's the personality?

Control 4.0

You may have to employ some funky fingerplay to pull off a turbo-powered jump with grapple assist, but the gamepad can be remapped and the bikes are highly responsive.

Fun Factor 4.5

Jet Moto 3 is a huge improvement, over its predecessors. This is a superb ride with high production values, a cool head-to-head game, and replay depth thanks to hidden items and modes.

Even with more depth and funk that its predecessors, Jet Moto 3 falls short of speederbike nirvana. Luckily, its cool features and devious level design will snap you back like magnetic grapplings. Yeowch!

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