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Vandal Hearts 2


Vandal Hearts 2 has strategy and RPG.


Joshua is a peasant who gets in trouble by assassinating a political figure. Now, he is on the run and he starts his own gang. There isn't much of a plot as you can read.
Konami has "The Dual Battle System" in this game. The battle segments include some traces of real time action. The system works well, but there are a few problems.

It doesn't have much of a character development. Different characters have better skills or weapons. The strategy of the game is good.
The weapons have spells or new abilities locked inside of it, but can only be used by your character by carrying it for a number of turns. Discovering these spells is a must, and to do it you often must run through the battlegrounds to try and unlock spells.


The battlefield has good, but the characters on the map screen are bad. The color
in the game is not very good at all. Vandal Hearts 2 has a lot of ok elements and some very bad ones, as well.


The sound track is very well done and the character voices are average, but this seems to be the best thing done with the game. A game can't be good, just because the sound is good, so it is not a very good game.
Vandal Hearts 2 is not one of the best strategy and RPG based games, but it is still good enough to rent for all of those RPG and strategy game fans out there in PSX Land.

Overall score: 6 out of 10