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Gran Turismo 2000

By: Craig

Gran Turismo 2000
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony
# of Players: 1-2
Genre: Racing
Release: March 4, 2000(Japan)

Sony's Gran Turismo 2000 won't feel too much different than GT or GT2 for the original PlayStation, but the graphics will be greatly improved. If Sony delivers on the Japan release date of the PlayStation 2, it will probably end up being a graphically enhanced GT2 ( due out this December for PS.) If not, then expect a delayed release date. This will be the first PlayStation2 game to fully utilize the DualShock2 technology. For instance, the harder you press X to go, the faste you'l zip down the track. This should play an important role in the game.Sony should reveal more news about this one as the PS2's Japanese release date is creeping towards us, and the Us info should be revealed at the E3 2000 show.

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