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Grand Theft Auto 2 Review

By: Eli Raptr

GTA2 the sequel of Grand Theft Auto, once again brings total fun to the Playstation! Well first off, you play as a criminal for hire who steals cars, runs over pedestrains, and other criminal acts.

There's also tons of cool weapons, like the Electro gun, Rocket Launcher and the Flamethrower.

In the game there's about 3 gangs in each of the 3 areas. There are two ways to gain gang respect. First, you can kill off the members of the opposing gangs and, as the other sides learn to hate you, the gang you haven't touched will give more respect. Second, you can take missions for the gangs. If you suceed more missions, you'll gain more respect from the gangs, but if you fail missions you'll lose that respect.

Well GTA2's graphics are really sharp and detailed. But it's hard to see where you're going because of it's overhead view. The framerate is very smooth, but slows down whenever you drive around in a car, or fire weapons.

The controls are kind of akward at first, but you'll get used to them as you progress through the game.

Well if you like a game that lets you steal cars, lets you get hold of very dangerous weapons, and has tons of action, then this game is for you.