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Gran Turismo 2000 Demo Preview

Gran Turismo 2 Demo Preview

By:Ant Tifa L

I have just gotten my Playstation Underground Demo of Gran Turismo and it is SOOO cool! Because it is a demo, it was very simple just to get the point across and I ALREADY think it's cool. Just imagine when it really comes out! In this demo, players only get to race on lap and tehn you have to reload the game....but it's still really fun. Personally, I don't think letting people play 2 laps is giving the game away, but the people who make the demo obviously do...oh well. here's the scoop:

The Gran Turismo mode is selectable (even though nothing works) but you can still see the difference between this game and the first one. The map now has four areas (North,South,East,and West). Graphic wise, Gran turismo 2 is superior, it has similiar functioning.

Playing the Demo: The arcade mode is where you actually get to play the demo. I'll admit,it's a pretty cool course ( Rome City). The course has many good "twists and turns" but I'll leave that aprt as a surprise. let's just say that I hope the courses in the game itself are like that.

OK,OK, so the Demo is fun to play,but, what about

Graphics and sound?:

Good question. The game is similiar to the original with a few minor enhancements (but don't get me wrong, the graphics STILL rock!). Graphiclly, think of it as an "upgrade" form the first game. the graphics help add more detail to objects and give the game more depth. Sound wise, well, it's been souped up quite a bit. If you watch the demo, you'll find US musclecars (classic) race around the seattle circuit. You can really hear the cars race by and you hear the change in the engines! I really liked that.

What about Gameplay?:

Pretty darn cool if you ask me. the controls feel a LOT more solid! It's difficult to depends on the person. In my opinion, I liked it a lot.

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