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Fighting Force 2


Eidos is an interesting company. Along with star-studded designer Core, it created one of the most popular game characters of all time in less than three years. Lara Croft is one of the icons of PlayStation lore, along with Sonic, Mario, and Crash. But, despite its great marketing efforts, Eidos has this one big hang up that won't go away. With the exception of Tomb Raider, Eidos likes to dumb things down to sub-dumb levels.

Let's take Fighting Force 2. The first Fighting Force was a simple beat-em-up, with a tad of hackneyed charm. It was action-packed, one to two player, and it sort of brought back the good 'ol days of Final Fight and Strider to the console. I know, I'm being way too nice, but you get the point.

So here comes Fighting Force 2, which Eidos and Core told us has drastically changed. FF2 was supposed to be a single-player game packed with stealthy objectives and spy-like qualities, using a new engine with gorgeous new graphics and technical effects. The emphasis wasn't supposed to be on simple action, it was on the same hard-core qualities that gamers liked in Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, and Syphon Filter. Well, guess what? Core must not have had the development time it needed, or something, because despite what Eidos said, Fighting Force 2 is so tired and repetitive, so mind numbing and simplistic that it's a sham. FF2 is basically a better looking Fighting Force, except with one player.