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Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII

By: Silnth0r0r

FFVII- This is one of the playstation's greatest hits for a reason other than its a Squaresoft game... its a great selling game with awesome gameplay. This Final Fantasy contains systems of materia for magic, that you junction to your weapon. The main plot of it is about an ex soldier of an imperial army is rebelling with a rebel group. He finds his greatest enemy was created by the imperial army or whatever they are, they rule over the lands. Anyways, the young ex soldier goes by the name of Cloud. He finds a man named Sephiroth who he had had encounters with before. I dont want to give away the plot or anything, although it is just a normal Hero beats bad guy RPG, it is still fun. The battle system made the LIMIT BREAKS and theres a challenge to get all the limits. Also, in the US version, they added a couple fights that are very hard called the Weapons. There is emerald weapon and ruby weapon. This game is actually pretty easy but a lot of parts annoy me, like how cloud always forgets who he is and is practically unconscious half the game. out of 10 i rate it a 7.5.. worth checkin out... dont spend over 30

FFVIII- This has to be the best game of all times the graphics are great, especially in the movie sequences, and the fun factor is high! The plot is immensely deep. It is about a group of members of SeeD: Squall, Zell, and Selphie. A bit after they pass inspection, their teacher, Quistis Trepe, joins the part since she got demoted to a SeeD member instead of teacher. Anyways, that isnt much important. They have a mission to help liberate a city of Timber, in this mission you meet up with a few people who help you throughout the game, one of which joins your party, Rinoa . The story gets deep and involves HEAVILY a girl named Ellone. You transfer back in time and change characters to a man named Laguna and his 2 buds, kiros and ward. I personally hate using them but it adds a lot to the story. I would tell you the real enemy, but it adds so much tension and surprise so i can't, but i will say it isn't who you think. Around the late second and third discs, the story grows so heavy, you cant hardly take it. The Limit system they used on this, I believe, is so much better. If you are low on HP you can use the limit. Its not like in FF7 where you have to build up the bar, and can only use it once, but rather as long as you are low on HP, you can use it repeatedly. This is a huge bonus. In FFIII you may remember the guardians or summons called ESPERS, and in FFVII they are called summons, but in FF8, they are Guardian Forces. They learn special abilities to help you create and learn magic. And unlike old FFs where you have Magic Points, in FFVIII you have an amount of the magic. You can hold up to 100 of each magic, but you only have 8 pages to fill Also in this game, a new menu is CARD, this is a card game that is hard to understand, but fun when you learn how. You really should learn how to play because you can make magic and items needed out of the cards. Its difficult to explain, but you should learn it. Also, you junction now, where you junction magic to yourself to increase HPS or magic power of defense power or whatever. I think overall this is probably the best game available right now.

 Overall- 10

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