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Evergrace for the PlayStation2 is an action-RPG from From Software. In the beginning, Evergrace was supposed to be for the PlayStation console, but the developers believed that they could do more with the PlayStation2's hardware.

Yuterald is one of the four Swordsmen of Storta, who, after long years of training, has mastered his skills in sword fighting. His parents were killed by Morea assassins when he was a young child. Wanting revenge, he hunts and pursues the remaining members of the assassin's clan in the Billiana Forest, but during his pursuit he gets magically transported into the territory of the Ryuben Empire.

Sharami is a neighbor of Yuterald, kindhearted and sort of an older sister to Yuterald. She was supposed to have been killed by assassins in the PlayStation version, but she was brought back to life and turned into a main character for the revamped PlayStation2 version. She is transported to the Ryuben Empire when Yuterald triggers his crest power to avenge the murder of his parents.

You will be able to play two different scenarios in Evergrace, up to a certain point. Toward the end, both characters will meet each other, and you will play one main scenario with both characters.

Palmira is a jewel that lets a character use magic and improves body conditions. There are three types of Palmira- the physical type, which lets characters perform special attacks; the magic type, which lets characters cast magical spells; and the support type, which gives characters protection from elements, such as fire, or lets them perform action-related stuff like destroying blocks in dungeons. In the PS version, you could only equip the Palmira jewel to enhance your character's status, but in the PS2 version, you can actually magically merge your weapons and armor with the Palmira jewel to create magical weapons and armor. For example, when you magically merge a long sword with a fire Palmira, the final product will be a flame sword.

When you acquire weapons and armor, the graphics of the characters in the game will reflect the equipment you've gained. In the PlayStation2 version, the shield is no longer a part of the equipment list, so you must now rely more on your controls rather than just use the shield to block off enemy attacks. The game will feature a fashion critic, and you will receive discounts for buying or repairing weapons and armor if the critic gives you a good rating. Enemies may occasionally drop rare weapons and armor, adding more gameplay for hard-core players.

With the game's graphics looking great, Evergrace may be a good RPG for people to get when the PlayStation2 is released. Evergrace is expected for a spring 2000 release in Japan.