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Eternal Ring


Eternal Ring for the PS2 is looking amazing so far. The graphics are simply unbelievable and the gameplay should be just as good. Eternal Ring looks to take complete advantage of the system's speed and memory. The battles will take place in real time, with the players having to follow their enemies to attack. The battles will not only take part on land, but in the sky as well. Going along with the title, rings are supposed to play a key role in the game. Players will be able to equip five magic rings and five item rings for a grand total of 10 (count 'em) 10 rings!. Like most RPG's, the rings will be upgradeable.

Lastly, the game's programmers have been paying a great deal of attention to the realism of the game. The characters and their expressions are going to be life like. The geography will also have great detail. So far, it is said that you will be able to witness the change from day to night and there will be even changes in the climate. So far Eternal Ring looks like like a top notch game. With the unreal power of the PS2, the graphics should be amazing. Add that to good gameplay, and you got yourself a quality game.