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Discworld 2: Mortality Bites!


Created By: Pygnosis
Players: 1
Genre: Point-and-click adventure
Score: 10 Out of 10

I love this game! It is sooo funny! Let me ask you three questions:
1.) Do you like Monty Python?
2.) Are you a fan of the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchet?
3.) Do you love funny games?

If you answered yes to any of these question you will love this game! Eric Idle of Monty Python fame does the voice of Rincewind, a wizard from the Unseen University. Once again Rincewind is forced to perform tasks, and gather wacky materials for people. Also, returning from the previous Discworld game is the luggage. A magical chest which you store items, it also has lots of legs and follows you around The game is based on a series of books by Terry Pratchet a British author.

The story is as follows: Death is missing! This is bad because Death's job is to bather all the spirits and take them away. So now all the spirits are lingering around on earth with no where to go! This is terribly bad. So Rincewind is assigned to go get the supplies for a spell to summon death back. This of course is not the only task in the game. You are forced to do much much more.

The storyline and the game itself is extremely funny. The graphics are great too! The characters come right from his books, along with the crazy places.

I promise you will not stop laughing Monty Python type humor fills this game to the brim. So, if you feel like a laugh defiantly check this game out!