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Crash Team Racing Review


Crash is back, thanks to Naughty Dog and Sony. But not in a action game, but in a racer. And boy, does it look good. Awesome multiplayer, graphics, gameplay, everything!!!! While some people might think it's a Mrio Kart copy...I think that in some cases, Crash Team Racing is better!!! And it get better, read on...-

Graphics :
Hell, yeah!!! Awesome graphics...No pop-ups at all. Runs at a constant 30 FPS. Nice scenery, character and kart models...not much to say because everything is go damn good!!!!

Sound :
Although the music isn't that good, it is tolerable. Most of the times, childish music...but tolerable. The sounds are good though...Good tire screeches(although it makes you cringe), good vroom vrooms and god acceleration sounds. I just hope the music would have been a little bit better. Nothing to worry about except the bad music.

Gameplay :

WOW!!! Some people might think that this is the part where this game copies Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing but who cares if they copied or not!!! This game is so freaking addictive!!!! I couldn't stop playing once I got started. The adventure mode is cool. After you beat certain levels and bosses, you get access to new stuff and races. And to REALLY beat the have to collect all of the goodies(CTR coins, rrelics and gems) which adds a lot to the replay value. It'll take you a long time to beat the game...even longer if you don't master the game's complex turbo system. Powersliding, jumping and using the layout of each track to your advantage is a must. And the multiplayer modes are awesome as well. Battle mode is awesome and so are the other modes.Get out the old multi-tap and invite some friends over...

Control :
Nice control. Very responsive. Works nice with the anolog but okay with the standard controller. Don't have mush to say here either...

Final Score : 9.5 of 10