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By : Ruffry1321

Weeks ago, we all found out that EA Square announced that they had teamed up with Animation Science Corp. They're goal is to create a 3D action/shooting title for the PlayStation 2, called "Crossfire".

Crossfire features 3 elements of gameplay, survival, action, and shooting. The story line takes place in 2076, around the time a little asteroid smothered a town in North America. As a result of this, a disease emits from the rock causing wide spread death and panic. The Government has sectioned off the town to cease the spread of the disease. 2 months later a group of people are sent to investigate, and have mysteriously vanished. The government then decides to send in 4 special operatives to rescue the vanished people. These 4 agents are John Galy, Jad Gassal, Maya Swenson, and Milinda Estibas. John is a full-time soldier, he uses guns and explosives as weapons. Jad was a football player, who has a specialty in tanks and rocket launchers. Milinda is an expert in gun fighting and nursing. And last but no least, Maya, who is a spy with expert combatant, communication skills. All 4 characters can be controlled simultaneously by 4 different players, and if you are short a few people then the computer will conveniently control them for you.

Something that shows the great depth of this game is that all 4 characters contribute to the game, and all need to be present for the completion of the game, humanly controlled or not. And now to the BEST part of the article, each character is made up of 6000 polygons, and with WELL over 2500 frames of motion captured animation! And don't expect any weak voicing because each character has their own actor!

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