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Worms Armageddon

To Get Laser Ammo, Beat Mission 4.
To Get Jetpack Ammo, Beat Mission 8.
To Get Fast Walk, Beat Mission 13
To Get Invisiblity Ammo, Beat Mission 16
To Get Low Gravity Ammo, Beat Mission 20
To Get Industructable Landscapes, Beat Mission 25
To Get Banana Bomb Upgrade, Beat the last mission.
To Get Aqua Sheep get Gold on The Super Sheep Training.
To Get a More Powerful Longbow get Gold on the Euthanasia Training.
To Get a Enhanced Shotgun, Get Gold on the Rifle Range.
To Get a Enhanced Grenade get Gold on the Artilery Range.
To Get Blood, Get Gold on Basic Training.
To Get Sheep Heaven(Which makes all crates Sheeps) get Gold on Crazy Crates.
To Get Industructable Landscapes, Get Elite on Deathmatch.
To Get Full Wormage, You need to Complete, all Training, Elite on Death
Match, and Complete all Missions.