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Toy Story 2

Debug mode
At the title screen press: X, Circle, Square.

Outrun the RC car
In the second level, Andy's Neighborhood, you can defeat
RC without the jet boots. Here is how: Every time the RC
car attempts to pass you by, simply stand in front of it
and wait for it to collide with you. It will stop for a
short time. Keep running along and run into him at all
costs. Be sure not to land in the cement mixture. You can
repeat this process to get the Pizza Planet Coin.

Replenish Health
When your health is gone, quickly exit the level then
return to it and you should be invincible.

Secret level
On level one if you get 100 or more coins go talk to
Hamm and he will invite you to the secret room called
Woodys workshop. Here you can collect extra hints,
cheats, and tips in order to beat the other levels

Shortcut to Mr. Potatohead's ear
In the first level. In the room Hamm is in. Jump on the
chair so you go In the air and land. Instead of jumping
over to the next platform just walk off and turn around.
You should get his ear.

Unlock All Levels
At the title screen press Up 4 times,Down 2 times, Up 2
times, and finally Down 3 times. If the code is done
correctly you will unlock all the levels but you still
have to complete all the missions because the Pizza
Planet Tokens will not be available.