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Resident Evil 3

Boutique Key
To acquire the Boutique Key, which unlocks the Boutique in Uptown (where all the extra outfits are), finish the game in less than 7 hours using no more than 30 Ink Ribbons.

Defeating the final boss
When confronting the final boss, (Nemesis' final transformation) make him retreat into the corner from where he came from by your rocket launcher, and grenades, then you have to get the cannon online by PUSHING IN the three power sources, marked 1,2,3. When that is done, fire the cannon to dispose of the debris, then it will automatically fire again, at Nemesis. You then have the choice to finish him off yourself (this is an FMV)! or just running. I recommend you finish him with the FMV, because this unlocks more secrets in the end.

Design Chronos Gear
Combine the Gold Gear from the Clock Goddess Puzzle with the Silver Gear. The Chronos gear is used to activate clock bells. Insert it into the bell mechanism on the third floor of the Clock Tower.

To unlock one of eight character biographies, complete the game at Hard difficulty. (Note: Your final grade will determine which epilogue is unlocked.)

Fighting the Nemesis
Each time Nemesis is defeated, he will drop a special item.

Get Jill's Bonus Diary
To get Jill's diary, you must collect all the files in order, semi-hard, but its worth it!

Get the Grenade Launcher in the Policestation
If you go into the save room before you go to the police station and mix the A and B gunpowder on the shelf to make C and then mix it with the gunpowder A that you got at the warehouse and then combine it with your reloading tool to make grenade flame rounds you will always get the grenade launcher in the S. T. A. R. S. room.

Infinite Money Trick
Use this method to get all the infinite-ammo weapons and infinite weapons pack. In the mercinary mode go to the area with the dumpster and the hop skotch paintings (the one right behind the bar). Go up the steps and take a right. You will then go north until you get to the fork. Go through the door and you will be in the deadend alley that is boarded up by red and white boards. This can be done with all 3 mecinaries. There are three dogs here. First kill 2 dogs immediately. Then lure the remaining dog to where the boards are stacked up. Climb up onto the boards. Go to the opposite end and watch as the dog makes attempts to jump at you. Take a small step forward and press R1 right before he jumps. Your character will jump backwards and get a dodge bonus. Immediately after the character dodges, press R1 again to pick up a combo for your dodge bonus. Repeat this process to rack up tons of money and time. It takes time, but it is sure worth it.

Solve Clock Goddess Puzzle
(NOTE: there are about 3 ways to do this because it changes from time to time. This is only one method and it many not work all the time.)
The object of the Clock Goddess Puzzle is to get the center clock in the Clock Tower to read twelve o’clock. Collect the Amber, Crystal and Obsidian gems from the statues and go to the three clocks on the opposite wall. Facing the clocks, place the Amber gem into the Past clock, the Obsidian into the Present clock, and the Crystal into the Future clock. If done correctly, the Present clock will open, revealing a Gold Gear, a Mercenary’s Pocketbook (next to the bodies in the corner) and M.T. rounds (in the alcove).

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