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Poy Poy 2

Adjust Screen
To adjust the screen, hold down X, Triangle, Circle and
Square at the title screen. A grid will appear; and you
can adjust the screen using the d-pad Ė so long as you
donít let go of the action buttons!

Easy Upgrades
To bi-pass getting enough experience for the gloves,
simply enter and exit the 1 player mode, untill a red
headed man is standing in the place of the usual
upgrader. Talk to him and and he will offer you upgrades
to all your gloves for half price and no matter how much
experience you have with it. You will have to enter and
exit quite a few times for this to work.

Suicide Bomb
If your character dies you can blow yourself up. To do
so, rapidly press all of the buttons except the
directional buttons until your psycho power is full.