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NBA Live 2000

Unlock Andrew Phillip
Beat a team in rookie mode in a exhibition by 10 or more
points and you will unlock 50's star Andrew Phillip

Unlock Isaiah Thomas
Get 15 steals in superstar mode to unlock him in your

Unlock Larry Bird
To unlock Larry Bird, Play 3 point shoot-out and score
20 or more points with the difficulty set to Superstar.

Unlock Legends
When you are picking a team enter: Up, Down, O, and
Square. An all-star team with the greatest NBA players
of all time will appear and you can play as them in a
single game or season.

Unlock Michael Jordan
Defeat Michael one-on-one in superstar to unlock him on
the roster

Unlock Richard Guerin from the 50's All-Stars
Defeat the 3 point shootout in rookie mode.

Unlock Robert Parish
Win the playoffs in starter level. Do not skip any games
or the code will not work.