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Monster Rancher 2

Note: This game is also titled Monster Farm 2.

In-game reset
Hold Start + Select until the game returns to the opening screen.

Secret monsters
Use the following CDs to create secret monsters:

"And Justice For All" from Metallica (Ferious)
"Enema Of The State" from Blink 182 (Chef)
"Hello Nasty" from The Beastie Boys (Unknown)
"Licensed to Ill" from The Beastie Boys (Express Worm)
"Macarena" from Los Del Rio (Unknown)
"Merry Christmas" from Mariah Carey (Satan Clause)
"Millenium" from The Backstreet Boys (Happy Mask)
"Running With Scissors" from Weird Al Yankovich (Unknown); need to be class E or D
Disney's The Little Mermaid Original Soundtrack (Mermaid)
Men In Black Soundtrack (Chinosis -- Metalner/??? monster)
Brave Fencer Musashi PlayStation game (Shogun)
Bust-A-Move 4 PlayStation game (Cinder Bird)
Devil Dice PlayStation game (Dice)
Digimon World (Japanese) PlayStation game (Unknown)
March Madness '99 PlayStation game (Ninja Kato)
Metal Gear Solid - Disk 2 PlayStation game (Soldier Gaboo)
Syphon Filter PlayStation game (Unknown)
Resident Evil 3 PlayStation game (Unknown)
Diablo PC game (Unknown); need to be class E or D