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Marvel vs. Capcom EX Edition

Choose Onslaught
To play as Onslaught, beat Onslaught in the Arcade
Battle mode. You'll be able to access him right under

Play as Dark Zangief
Highlight Zangief at the character selection screen.
Hold select and press any action button. You should now
be using Dark Zangief.

Play as Evil Ryu
To play as Evil Ryu you must hold on start and press L1
and R1 and you can play as Evil Ryu at any mode.

Play as Gold War Machine
Finish the game with War Machine then press up at

Play as Lilith
Finish the game with Morrigan then press down at War

Play as Orange Hulk
Finish the game with Hulk then press up at Ryu.

Play as Red Venom
Finish the game with Venom then press up at Chun Li.

Play as Roll
Finish the game with Megaman/Rockman then press right at

Play as Shadow Lady
Finish the game with Chun Li then press down at Gambit.

Secret stage at Honda's Bathouse
First select Spider-Man or Venom as your character. Then
while at the match execute a web throw and throw your
opponent at the right side 2 times. At the second time
the wall will break up. There you will find E.Honda's
old stage.