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Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu

Easily Beat Bird Man
To easily beat the Bird Man, use fire minions. They will
make the process a lot easier. Just in case, have plenty
of Mugorts ready.

Lots of Mugwort Herbs
After you meet Koris for the first time in the Beetle
forest, when he says he will train you, select "Attacks
and Defense" and start training. He will give you a
Mugwort herb. During the battle, on the first, second,
or third turn ignore what Koris tells you to do and
select a different command (except item) and he will
tell you that you must obey. The fight will end and you
will have an extra Mugwort Herb! You can repeat this
until you have as many herbs as you like. Unfortunately,
the item maximum is 20.