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Final Fantasy Anthology

Easily Defeat Wrexsoul in FF6
For those who think it is difficult to defeat the flame boss: Wrexsoul in Cyan's dream, consider doing this. All you need to do, is Immediatley use the X-zone spell (can be learned with the fenrir esper). This should kill Wrexsoul in one hit.

Easy Ability Points in FF5
For easy ability points (say, 4-8 per battle!) go to the basement of Bal Castle in World 2. Here you'll encounter Statues in groups of 2 (4 ability points) or 5 (8 ability points). However, you will most likely find yourself having difficulty with these stone warriors. Using a Soft potion will kill them instantly! Just keep stocking up on Soft potions and master all those classes that require hundreds of ability points!

Easy Kills in FF6
To instantly destroy almost any monster (including most bosses), simply cast Vanish on them, then use X-Zone. It will instantly destroy all invisible enemies. Use Doom if there is only 1 enemy.

Easy Spell Learning in FF6
Fly to the Triangular Island after learning the Doom spell. You'll eventually come across an invisible sleeping enemy. Use Doom on him. He might cast Meteo. Each victory you eek out nets you 10 magic points towards spell learning.
Equip everyone with the Esper they are lacking in and fly them to the Miranda Desert. Each Hoover here gives you 5 Magic Points, while each Cactuar nets you 10.

Easy experience points in FF5
In final fantasy 5, once you get the summon Bahamut, there is an incredibly good and easy way to get tons of experience points. Youll notice that if you follow the mountain range south from North Mountain,(the place where you got Bahamut,) there is a small patch of trees where you landed your black chocobo to get to the desert. Now that your there, simply walk up and down in the area of the desert thats RIGHT next to the forest. There, you will encounter enemys, which you can EASILY kill with one hit by using Bahamut. The enemys in that area can give you from 1200-1500 experience points! Just simply keep using Bahamut first-thing in every battle, and once your summoner runs out of magic points, simply take your black chocobo, and fly a little ways south to a town where you can use an Inn, and fully restore your HP and MP, and then simply go back to the desert and repeat the process. *NOTE: This will only work in THE THIRD WORLD.. but once you get to the third world, this is easily the best way to gain levels in the entire game!

Easy experience points in FF6
Before the Lete River quest, set your config on "memory". Next, go through Lete River to the part where if you go up, you circle and come back to the same spot. Choose up and enter a battle. Have Edgar, Terra, and Sabin attack while Banon uses "Health". If you set a turbo controller for this, you can leave it on all night.
Equip Phantom and the Exp. Egg on one person, and have them fly to Doma Island. Immediately into a battle, cast Phantom. Fight here. Each battle grants you 6000-11,000 EXP per victory. The Tumbleweeds have a spell that removes invisibility, so be careful. After you get a person to level 80+ here, you should fly to the Dino Forest near the Veldt. The enemies here give you lots more, but they have spells that remove your invisibility.

Economizer Relic in FF6
This relic is very useful as it reduces your magic cost to 1 point per spell! Here are three ways to get it:
1. Go to the Phoenix Cave with Locke in one of your parties. Steal from the Apuila (A bird creature) and you will get an Economizer. Try several times because sometimes you'll just get Fenix Downs.

2. Go to the forest east of Gau's father's house. Sometimes a Brachiosaur appears. Fight it (VERY HARD) and sometimes it drops an Economizer.

3. Go to the Coliseum and bet a Gem Box. If you win the battle you'll receive an Economizer.

Finding your party in the World of Ruin in FF6
Locke- Found in the Phoenix Cave (must have airship first!)
Sabin- can't miss him. In the first town when Celes reaches the shore, Sabin is holding up a damaged house.
Edgar- The so called "Gerad" is Edgar. Follow him to Figaro castle and go to the control room filled with those tentacles.
Setzer- Keep talking to him in Kohlingen.
Cyan- Go to Zozo, but the rust-rid and use it on the rusted door, climb Mt. Zozo and look for Cyan at the top.
Gau- Take three members to the Veldt and fight until Gau joins up with you.
Relm- go to Jidoor, make your way through Owzer's home and fight Chadarnook. After the fight she joins you.
Strago- After you have Relm, put her in your party and visit the tower of fanatics. Strago will join you if you have Relm.
Terra- on your second trip to Mobliz, fight Phunbaba, after the fight is over, Terra joins up with you.
Shadow- see "getting shadow in the world of ruin"
Mog- This one is easy. Find Mog in the Moogle Cavern.
Umaro & GoGo- see "secret characters"

Gain Levels Overnight in FF6
You need a turbo controller for this trick. On the Lete River, when you go in circles select fight, fight, health, and auto crossbow using memory (config menu) if you do this correctly you can leave it sitting overnight and be at level 50 - 65 the next day.

Get Edgar's Chainsaw in FF6
To get Edgar's chainsaw, In Zozo, there should be a clock in one of the buildings. The answer to the clock puzzle is 6 hours, 10 minutes, and 50 seconds.

Get Gogo and Umaro in FF6
GOGO - in the world of ruins go to the triangle island and fight a zone eater let it suck your party up and you can find Gogo.

UMARO - Go to Narshe in the world of ruins then go up to where the esper Tritoch is. Fight the esper and he will give you his powers then a chunk of the mountain will fall down. If you enter the hole you will find a maze that leads to the Terrato esper, some magicite, and Umaro. If you have Mog in your team he will join you.

Get Mog in FF6
To get Mog before the world of ruin go to narshe after you get your girl from ZoZo. (It should automatically send you there.) Walk out of the elders house after she says she'll talk to the Espers. Then go to the house with all the treasures in it. (It's on the east side of the town on the upper level.)