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ESPN Extreme Games

Super athlete
Go to "Exhibition", and enter "Continue Season" mode. Then, select "No" when prompted to load from the memory card. Now enter 237 190 190 080 000 000 176 113 219 as a password. A super athlete, $5030, all the possible vehicles, and a record of first place of the season (first two races) will be loaded.

Flight mode
At the play/help screen, highlight the "Help" option and press Triangle(5). Then while playing a game, jump to fly.

Extra first race money
Enter 229, 013, 066, 016, 000, 000, 000, 000, 031 as a password. Then, use Paul Dillon to beat the Utah race. Now you will have $1,110 after the race.

Final race of the season
Enter 254, 071, 216, 094, 085, 177, 113, 104 as a password to start at the final race in San Francisco.

End of Extreme level
Enter 190, 069, 254, 049, 105, 048, 001, 016, 146 as a password.

Money round
Pass through all the gates on a course to enter the bonus Cash Course, which consists of $5 and $10 Gates.

Unlimited money
Go to the TV marked with a "1" in the equipment room and press X to deactivate the CPU opponent. Then, highlight the equipment selections and deactivate them all by pressing X. Now choose a course and begin the race. Because there are no opponents, you will always finish in first place. Repeat this process to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Hidden crypt
Race in Italy and watch for a section that dips downhill past some columns about halfway through the the course. Then, go through the purple gate that is in the extreme left side of the screen. Now a hidden passageway through a crypt with skeletons and extra gates will appear.

Race in reverse
Come to a complete stop and hold Triangle.