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Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror


This is a point and click adventure.


George Stobbard and his girlfriend are in France. They want to have some time for each other, but Nico wants them to see Professor Oubier. She has been watching a drug-smuggling ring and she finds an obsidian stone. She thinks that the professor might know what it could be. George gets hit in the head when he enters the house, a tarantula slowly heading towards him when he wakes, and his girlfriend has disappeared.

There are many puzzles in this point-and-click adventure game the puzzles seem just hard enough to make you and it can make this game longer than it needs to be. You need the controller to move around in and interact with the surrounding game environment. This gives the game a poor rating. The left analog stick controls the fast movements, and the d-pad controls the more detailed movements.


The quality of the graphics is not good. The animations almost like the ones in the
adventure games by LucasArts. There are hand-drawn animations and a good background, that makes the graphics very well done. The FMV sequences are pretty good.


With this type of game it must have good sound effects and music. Your character is always talking to you and this game delivers great voice acting. The lines made by the characters make the game come to life. The characters have great emotion in their words.

OVERALL SCORE 7.5 out of 10